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The benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes

the benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes

It is known that smoking tobacco cigarettes are being harmful and are linked with increased risk of coronary artery disease, lung disease, cancer and stroke. With more and more people starting realize this fact, many people have now started smoking herbal cigarettes which are also known as tobacco(nicotine)-free cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes are being a healthier option as they contain several natural herbs and it is worth knowing the benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes.

Benefits of Smoking Herbal Cigarette

1.The major benefit of smoking herbal cigarette is that, as compared to tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes are safer and healthier due to the presence of certain herbs in it.

2.Herbal cigarettes eliminate the addiction of tobacco and nicotine which is quite common in tobacco cigarette smokers. With no addiction to cigarettes, it becomes much easier to stop smoking herbal cigarettes completely in the future if one wishes to.

3.Herbal cigarettes can calm and relax the mind as some of the herbs present in it have a soothing effect on the nerves. It has been proven that some benefits of smoking herbal cigarette every day include reduced stress and anxiety.

4.Another great benefit of herbal cigarette is that it strengthens the body's defense mechanism and improves the capacity to fight various kinds of diseases with ease. Herbal cigarettes create an immunity system because of few herbs present in it. The presence of lemon grass in herbal cigarette helps to treat several infections in the respiratory tract while also providing relief from congestion and common cold.

5.One of the major benefits of smoking herbal cigarette is that it helps to soothe sore throat and also improves the voice quality of the person who smokes it.

6.Studies have shown that benefits of smoking herbal cigarettes include improved digestive system. The presence of certain herbs makes the cigarettes quite healthy, which aid the body's digestive system to function optimally and also prevent digestive disorders of many kinds.

7.Since herbs such as cloves and rose petals are some of the ingredients used to make herbal cigarettes, it gives a pleasant smell as compared to tobacco cigarettes which leave a foul smell and bad breath in your mouth for hours. When one smokes an herbal cigarette it does not produce bad smell. It creates a very bad impression if your mouth stinks with the tobacco cigarettes in an office environment. Using a chewing gum may help but it still has few limitations.

8.Safe of passive smokers: The tobacco cigarette you smoke does not only affect your health but also of people around you. Almost one million people die around the globe just because of passive smoking. With herbal cigarettes, this rate can be cut down considerably. It does not have any ill effect on people around you, while you take a puff.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) India shares 12% of smoking population around the globe. Yes, we have approx of 120 million smokers in the country. Smoking has taken many lives in India. Even after much of Government initiatives to reduce the rate of smoking, the numbers of smokers are ever increasing.

Herbal cigarettes are also recommended if a women addicted to tobacco smoking gets pregnant. It has very less disadvantages on pregnant women as compared to regular tobacco cigarettes. Though quitting smoking is best option available in pregnancy. On a much wider aspect herbal cigarettes are environment friendly. Thus it also helps in keeping up with the eco system.

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