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Hocare Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in Jan.,2018 and located in Xi'an China, which is one of the biggest cities in healthy industry. Under the healthy culture, our lives got close connected with herbs. Herbaccy is our project to research&develope smokable herbs. This project started with personal hobbies of a group of people. As time going, we met more and more fans for herbal smoking and made friends with them, especially in USA, Canada and Australia. With the legalization of marijuana in some counties. Many customers want their marijuana to have unique flavour as their selling points not only the high feeling. And there are also a big market for hand rolling(people think it's cooler than smoke cigarettes directly at the party), finished cigarettes(for quit smoking or film using, some actors or actress do not smoke tobacco, the herbal cigarettes will take place of it.), shisha and incense sticks. We focus on the work to develop the materials which are suitable for smoking, the size, the humidity, the appearance and the taste. We already invested machines for drying and shredding. Any customized service is welcome.

Q: What's the MOQ?

A: MOQ is 10kg. We also accept sample order like 1kg.

Q: Can I get free sample?

A: Yes. 20g free sample is available, but we need to charge shipping fee.

Q: Which payment methods are acceptable?

A: We accept Paypal, West Union, and bank transfer.

Hocare Biotech Co., Ltd

Add: 3-1-1502 room, Union Newtown, Yanhuan mid-Rd, Dianzicheng Street, Yanta District, Xi'an city, China.

Mobile/Whatsapp: +8613201735322

Skype: +8613201449125

Email: horan@herbaccy.com